Logistics department


 The NEW G.O.L. Corporation

The origin of the company goes back to 1948, when the two brothers Johann and Clemens Orth founded the company “Gebrüder Orth KG, Kleiderfabrik zu Leidersbach”. This is also where the three initials of the brand G.O.L. – Gebrüder Orth Leidersbach (The Brothers Orth Leidersbach) come from.

From the beginning, the company focused and specialized on the manufacturing of high-quality children’s wear and became a premium supplier within the brand environment as well as a synonym for quality and style.

Due to the rapid development, a new headquarter was established in Leidersbach, Germany, in 1976, followed by a 8000 m² logistic center in Sulzbach am Main, Germany, in 1991.

In the meantime, the NEW G.O.L. Corporation, as a company in the second generation, serves more than 600 customers in Germany and other European countries. This includes not only traditional specialist retailers but also big chain stores and online shops.

In 2008, the NEW G.O.L. Corporation presented an independent collection of school wear and school uniforms for the first time, with which the company could make a name for itself quickly. Meanwhile, a variety of prestigious private schools, international schools, colleges and choirs are equipped.

Customer service and the fulfillment of individual customer requests are the top priorities of NEW G.O.L. Qualified employees and an own production are the basis for a market-dominant product and a future-orientated company.